Thursday, September 27, 2012

where did the time go?!

Oh my goodness! I have been neglecting my sweet blog, but for good reason! School has begun and I am super UBER busy! I have 19 (originally 20, but I had a student move to Florida last week) sweet, SWEET lil firsties that I am loving on everyday! This is my FIFTH (can't believe it) year of teaching and I am FINALLY feeling like I know what I'm doing. Granted this is my 3rd year in first so I'm finally getting my bearings on 1st. Which is sad because this also my last year as a teacher. I wonder if anyone can guess why?

We have been covering so much since school has started and there is no way I could cover it in my post so let's do a classroom tour!

This is the entrance to my room. The big cart in the bottom right hand corner is the my math manipulatlves. It faces towards my calendar area.

This is rotated to the left and looking into my room again. Each table has a plastic bin that holds extra supplies, white boards, and clip boards.

This is my computer area and part of my word wall. My students are at the computer center once a week. probably their favorite center.

Here is my writing center. I had a mom buy me the cute bench for teacher appreciation week last year and I love it!!

This is my word work and library area. (I actually moved these two away from each other this week, haven't taken an updated picture). They were just too close and I needed them separated. Had to put up pink duct-tape so the kids would know when there are 3 people in that area, you have to WAIT outside the pink tape before you can go in and trade out your books.

Hope y'alls year is starting out great! Mine definitely is!