Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday

I am so sorry for being so absent from my blog lately! I will explain below in my Five for Friday. Enjoy!

#1 Here is a fun activity I've been working on that I plan on using with my kiddos once Thanksgiving is here. My Designer Turkey helps students practice inferencing by reading clues from kids about what kind of turkey they want for Thanksgiving. I know my kids are just going to love it! I plan on making one for Christmas too! Be on the look out!

#2 Here is another one product I have recently posted. My kids love fractions and you have to do some fun activities and they LOVED this one!! Everyone loves bubble gum right?

 #3 One of my favorite math topics to teach is money, so this product was born! I work with the low kids as the title 1 teacher at my school so we spend alot of time reviewing things they didn't catch onto and money is one of them! I work solely with 2nd graders and some of these still don't know the names of coins. Well we will be changing that ASAP!

#4 Last year I took on another teaching job as a cotillion teacher. I teach 2 Sundays a month. On each given Sunday I teach 4 1 1/2 hour classes of about 60-80 students. PHEW! Believe me, I'm exhausted by the end of the day. If you haven't heard of cotillion, it's very popular in the deep south and also up north. It's a class to help teach students in middle school proper etiquette and proper dance. The first class is always scary for them, but this month we are on our 2nd class of the season and the kids are realizing how much fun it is! Here they are practicing their dancing. Don't worry, there's another teacher to teach dance. No way could I do that!

#5 Lots of things are going on in my family lately. Check out my personal blog, Man and Wife and Two Fur Babies for more details. We are in the middle of an IVF cycle. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated! Hoping I will be posting some happy news soon!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Currently

Wahoo! Time for the monthly currently!

I hope you enjoy hearing what's going on in my life and other bloggers in the bloggy world!
Listening: I just LOVE Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and when you put them in the same movie, it's just pure perfection! AND the fact that his chistled abs are just yummy to look at!

Loving: I am so much enjoying teaching the gifted and talented kids for the past 4 weeks! I will be sad to leave them and move onto being the title 1 tutor for another school in the district. I get around, don't I?

Thinking: I am sick and tired of this cold and am ready for it to MOVE the heck on!
Wanting: For those they have followed my husband and I's fertility journey, we are finally starting IVF! We are so excited to finally be able to try since our miscarriage. We will know mid November if the procedure works. Please keep us in your prayers! Especially my husband, since he will have to deal with me on crazy hormones!

Needing: If you haven't checked out the 1st grade Educents bundle, you must do it immediately! I need for you to check this out because it's too good of a deal to pass up! You will be sad if you don't!
Trick or Treat: I am providing you a fun treat! Head over to my facebook page by clicking on the word search page, and click the "Fan Freebie" and you can download the monthly word searches I upload as a fan freebie for my facebook followers!
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