Thursday, February 28, 2013

BIRTHDAY SALE! {and giveaway}

Tonight at midnight marks the beginning of the BIRTHDAY sale! From tonight at midnight (central time) through Sunday at midnight everything in my store will be 20% OFF! I wanted to do 27% off since I'm turning 27, but TpT only allows up to 20. So sorry! Click on the cake to hear over to my TpT store.

So to help with that, I will be giving away ANY item of your choosing from my store! To enter, comment below with your favorite birthday memory. And for an extra entry, share this birthday sale and giveaway on facebook, pinterest, or your own blog and comment with the link. The giveaway will end on Sunday at midnight. But you know I won't be checking my blog at midnight, so if you happen to enter before Monday morning when I get up, you'll be good! :) Good luck!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

11 days but who's counting?

11 days till Spring Break! I don't know if I'm going to make it. My kids are getting on each other's LAST nerve. Including mine! They are tattling every 2 minutes and are just down right mean to each other. Breaks my heart. Why can't they just get along? Any ideas or units out there that you use to help them? I don't know what to do.

On another note, I'm from Texas and one of our TEKS is knowing state and national symbols, mottos, and anthems. I found an AMAZING unit on TpT. If you are in Texas it's a must buy!

And last but not least, I will be turning 27 in 8 days on March 2. So I will be throwing a sale in my TpT store next weekend from 3/1-3/3 for 27% off my whole store to celebrate. So start stockin' up and sending stuff to your wishlist.

Tomorrow is Friday! Chin up!

Monday, February 18, 2013

"All You Need is Love" Giveaway

The winner of the All You Need Is Love Giveaway is . . .

Congrats Jennifer! I emailed you about what item you'd like from my store. If you haven't gotten it yet, email me at and I'll get your item to you ASAP!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

measuring area with candy hearts

How could you not like measuring with something you can EAT?! Well next week my kids are getting to do just that. We are in our measurement unit right now and we learned about area is this week. So my students will spend time at one of their math stations next week measuring area using candy hearts. Now I've had these candy hearts for many years so they won't be eating THOSE hearts. I will buy each kiddo a box of them for Friday. and you know they'll be like 70% off since Valentine's is over! :)

Click the picture or HERE for a copy of the recording sheet they will use. I have cut out different sized/shaped hearts out of blue, pink, purple, red and yellow construction paper. They will measure them with the candy hearts while making predictions. I love when I'm able to spiral concepts! Enjoy! and don't forget to go enter my TWO giveaways that are happening right now!

Click HERE and HERE

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All You Need is Love giveaway!

I am linking up with some awesome bloggers for the "All You Need is Love" giveaway! Enter below at the rafflecopter for your chance to pick ANY item from my TPT store!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Up and Coming TPT Seller! {giveaway}

I have hit a TPT milestone for myself and I am so stinking excited! I started my blogging/TPT journey alittle over a year ago. It's been a slow journey but I am finally getting to where I wanted to be. Now I am by no means the best at blogging (I need to get better!) BUT I have been dedicating time to my TPT store lately and I am proud to say I've started to see change! I love that teachers are buying my units and are able to use them in their own classroom. I know I will make mistakes along the way, but hey, everyone does. Thank you to my followers and I can't wait to make more units for you to use in your classroom!

Right now I am working on a time unit. I have already introduced time to my kids during calendar but we will spend a week or so learning about it in our math block. Can't wait to get it uploaded to TPT. Here is one of my NEW units that I have recently put on TPT.

I would love to give it away to ONE of my lovely followers. Use the rafflecopter below to enter! The giveaway will end Friday morning at midnight. Good luck!

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