Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finishing Up Money {freebie} and TpT Sale

We have been working on money in my intervention groups the past 3 weeks and we wrapped up the week with our "Time To Go Shopping" Activity from my Cha Ching unit that I blogged about last week. We also did a quick assessment to see what they retained from our 3 weeks of reviewing money.
The kids had a blast coloring and cutting out the pictures. After cutting and gluing, they had to choose a price for each picture then draw it with money. Their most favorite part was getting to trace with a sharpie! What is it with sharpies? The smell? The fact that they don't get to use them? Who knows!

Since I only see my groups for 30 minutes at a time, we did this activity on Tuesday and Wednesday and then today, I assessed their knowledge of identifying coins and counting coins. Now in Texas we use the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), 1st grade has to be able to count groups of LIKE coins, and in 2nd they have to be able to count groups of MIXED coins up to a $1.00.

Since my intervention group is 2nd, we have be working on mixed coins. Here are the assessments I used.
The identifying coins page is from my "Look What I Can Do" 1st grade assessment packet. The mixed coins is not included in that packet since 1st only assessments counting LIKE coins. Since most of my followers teach 1st grade, the MIXED coins page may not be useful to you, so I am including a freebie below that includes counting LIKE coins! Click the picture below to get the identifying coins, counting like coins, and counting mixed coins assessment pages. Enjoy! If you like this, I promise you'll LOVE the rest of my assessment packet!
Also, don't forget the HUGE 3 million strong SALE that is going on on TpT right now! I know I'm stocking up my cart and pray to God my husband doesn't see the bill ;) Click the picture below to go straight to my store!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hairy Money {and a freebie}

This week my intervention groups have been reviewing money. If you don't know, this year, I am the Title 1 tutor for 2nd grade and pull groups to work on reading and math. I do miss being in the classroom, but I also am enjoying the change!

This week we are visiting money and my student are just loving my "Cha Ching" money unit!

We started off the week with working on identifying coins and how much they are worth. We worked on this fun little worksheet to show what we knew about coins.

Now counting groups of like coins is easy. Just counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's for pennies, nickels, and dimes, but for quarters and mixed groups of coins, it can get hard. So I teach my students a fun little trick called "Hairy Money". Believe me, it's a life saver when those babies struggle with mixed coins and having to switch between counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

After learning about "Hairy Money" we did a little practice with counting mixed coins. As you can see, Hairy Money is in full practice!

We will continue working on identifying and counting coins using my "Counting Coins" book. It's always a hit with my kids!

Once I feel that my kiddos have a good grasp on identifying coins and counting them, we will move onto word problems that deal with money. We will work through our "Super Hero Word Problems" book.

You may notice that the word problems don't go in order. I did that on purpose so the students have to pay attention as they go :) I know, I know. Sneaky sneaky!

Then my favorite activity is "Time to Go Shopping!" My students will take these pictures and decide how much each item will cost. Then they will cut it out and glue it on a piece of construction paper and draw one way to make that amount with coins. I promise to post pictures once we do this project! It's always a blast! 

Click on the picture to get your own copy of "Time to Go Shopping!" to use with your kids!

Hope you are having a good week and to make things fun, the first person to comment with their email will get this unit for FREE! :)
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Monday, February 3, 2014

February Currently

I just can't not participate in Farley's Currently! Even if I am 4 days late :)

Listening: My every Monday ritual is a Starbucks run where I can just sit for about an hour and just enjoy my alone time!

Loving: I just can't help but love this baby growin' in my belly! He/she is getting so big!

Thinking: I can't believe we are already in February! I'm so ready for spring to be here!

Wanting: Sheesh. Being pregnant makes me eat everything and anything and I literally have no self control. I really wish I did!

Needing: It's time for an updated look for this momma!

2 truths and a fib: My 2 truths are.....
I have been in the Miss Texas USA pageant. Yep! I was Miss College Station :)

And I've been to 4 continents. (North America, South America, Asia, and Africa)

My fib is I drink coffee everyday. I don't particularly like coffee. I'm a Dr. Pepper/Coke kinda gal.

Hope you can go link up with Farley! I know you won't regret it!

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