Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peek at my Week

Happy Easter to all! This post will be short and sweet as I am off to spend time with my family.
But before I headed out I wanted to post my "Peek at my Week".

Make sure to click on each picture and it'll send you to Google Docs. You'll be able to access any of the units that I'm using this week by clicking on the picture within the PDF. Along with one of Deedee's units. Her "Stamping Words Fun" is used EVERY week in my word work station. It is the best!

**EDIT** Well I thought I knew how to link within the document, but when I try it doesn't work! Guess I'll have to do some researching to learn how to do it. So for now, all of the units within my plans besides Deedee's "Stamping Words Fun" are located in my TPT store.

Linky up with Deedee over at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. It's so much fun to see what everyone is planning during my favorite time of the year!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday and a SALE!

Today was an off day for me and it was so needed! It was a built in bad weather day. So if we don't use it for a "snow day" we get to have it now. Wahoo! I absolutely LOVED being able to take the day and spend it with my mom and sister! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for "Five for Friday".

So my five for Friday has alot to do with what I did with my mom and sister today. Enjoy!

1. Our day started with getting our nails done. My sister and I love to have fun with our nails. What do you think?

 2. Today J.CREW factory had their ENTIRE store 50% off! So of course, we also hit that up! Got way too much but also had so much fun!

3. I started getting sick last week (fever, chills, sore throat) but thought it was just allergies. I thought wrong. I woke up Wednesday morning with the worst earache ever! No wonder babies cry when they get ear infections. Goodness it hurts! Doctor said I had a severe sinus infection and ear infection. So Wednesday was spent at home resting with these 2 fur babies. They were very worried why I was home during the day and stayed close by as I laid on the couch and watched a whole season of "America's Next Top Model".

4. I already posted this earlier this week, but had to post it again. My little ones makes me laugh everyday. "poised as a poodle!" so stinkin' cute!

5. I'm preparing to throw my cousin a baby shower. This is her first baby. Her sweet little girl is due in May and we will be having her shower next weekend. Here is a picture of her nursery. The baby's name is going to be Grey. Such a fun, different name!

Now onto the "Egg-celent" sale!

 I know that you are supposed to go and "hunt" to find the 5 items that are on sale, BUT we work so hard during the week that I'm going to make it easy for you! Here are my 5 favorite products that I'm highlighting, but my whole store will be on sale!

Graphics for highlights products by Ashley Hughes

 So go scoop up some great items while they are on sale. Enjoy your Easter weekend and spending time with your family!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Excited as a Monkey!

This week in writing we are writing with similes and metaphors. Similes are so much easier and more fun to write so that's what we've started with. We read "Quick as a Cricket" by Audrey Wood on Monday. The kids loved the illustrations! This is a fav of mine from childhood so it was fun getting to read it as an adult.

Then today we reviewed similes and watched "Similes" on brain pop jr. If you don't know brainpopjr You need to go check it out! It's been one of the best purchases my district as made. I love when Annie and Moby teach us! Today we watched brainpopjr TWICE! Similes and butterflies (we are learning about butterflies in science). Ok! Back on topic! ADD much? Here are some of the writing pieces of my kiddos today.
 First off I wanted to also tell you how amazing this first story is! The reason is because when this little one came to me at the beginning of the year he could BARELY write! I did spell some of his words, but he did most of it on his own! His favorite resource is our ABC chart in our writing binder. This little ones LOVES his ABC chart because he can spell the words right! So proud of him. I meant to take a picture of his beginning of the year writing but forgot. Surprise! His simile was "silly as a clownfish"

 This story cracks me up! She had lots of similes. My favorite was "excited as a monkey". Can't you just picture that?! HA!

 The princess was as poised as a poodle. Love it!

A book is like an adventure. A playground is like a house.

Tomorrow we will start metaphors. Those are hard. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Peek at my Week!

I know I'm a day late, but oh well! I am linking up with DeeDee over at Wills Kindergarten. Deedee is one of my favorite bloggers and I am honored to link up with her! I use her Stamping Words Fun for my word work center EVERY week! Go check it out. Enjoy seeing what we have planned in first grade this week!

Friday, March 22, 2013

giveaway winner!

The winner of the "Springtime and Shamrocks" is....
Congrats Kristi and for everyone who didn't win, head over to my TpT store and you can get "Springtime and Shamrocks" for 20% off for the weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

100 follower giveaway!

There is a sweet, fun loving TEXAS first grade teacher who just hit 100 followers! Her name is Lindsay Griffith at "For the Love of First Grade". Go head over and enter her giveaway. She has some great bloggers who have entered in on the giveaway with her! Growing Firsties, A Cupcake for a Teacher, and O "fish"ally a First Grader. Go follow them too!

AND don't forget to head over to my giveaway too! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

it's your lucky day {part 2}

Today was our first day back after the break. It wasn't too bad! BUT I expect my kids to be back in their natural state tomorrow. I have a feeling the quiet won't last long! Since I had such a good day back, I want to have a little giveaway! I would like to giveaway my Shamrocks and Springtime math and literacy centers. There are 10 centers included. Lots of great activities for your kids for the months of March and April. Check out the activities included below!

To enter the giveaway scroll down to the rafflecopter and start entering!! The giveaway will go through Thursday night at midnight (so EARLY Friday morning). This way I can email the winner and they can have it in time to use next week! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's your lucky day!

I am teaming up with Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits for a great sale! 

Myself along with lots of other bloggers are giving 20% off our entire store for St. Patrick's Day! It's just in time since I finally finished my "Shamrocks and Springtime" math and literacy centers and they were just posted to my store. Get them while they are on sale!

I also just finished up my time unit "Tick Tock Goes the Clock" Almost 40 pages of great resources to teach time to the hour and half hour and also duration of time. My kids always have trouble with understanding how long a second, minute, and hour are. These activities will help teach that.

Also check out my Calendar Time Unit. I use this every morning and it's great for all learning levels. I've used it every year while being in first grade and it wasn't until this year that I finally put my calendar time to paper. It's been very helpful to see who knows what. I love seeing my low babies have that "lightbulb" moment when we work on hundreds, tens, and ones.

Also some of my other favorites are my behavior unit, Clippin' UpUnder the Sea: Ocean Craftivities, Y as "e or i", and my Living and Non-Living Unit. Enjoy shopping!

Also, Lisa over at Growing Firsties has just hit some amazing milestones and she is throwing an amazing MEGA giveaway! Head on over to get in on the goodness of the prizes!