Tuesday, October 2, 2012

week 6 of learning

Since a few of you were asking why I won't be teaching next year, I thought I would share. We are trying to have a baby :) Now my husband and I are not telling people, but since y'all are my blog friends, that doesn't count ;) Please keep us in your prayers as we start this journey! We have been trying for a few months and nothing yet. Hoping this is our month!

Phew! We are learning so much in first grade this week and having lots of fun with our Wild Walk. The Wild Walk is our school wide fundraiser. The students get pledges for how many laps they can run (or walk) and then there are prizes for who runs the most per grade and class and so on. The kids love it! I ran last year and did 21 laps, this year I walked, only did 10. Here are the kiddos ready to start running!

I also started out my Monday with pulling a tooth. This sucker has been giving us (the owner of the tooth and I) a fit! It just wouldn't come out and then finally today it did! He is the newly snaggle toothed kid! Such a sweet heart. Sent this picture to his mom right after it happened. Let's just say my guided reading group was pretty shot after this event.

In reading we are working on retelling and we are using Cara Carroll's, Follow the Yellow Brick Road. The kids love it! We have done "Bear's Loose Tooth" and "The Rainbow Fish". They are doing so good! We will be practicing writing it down tomorrow along with our verbal talking through.

In science we are working on observable properties. We are using fruits to help us and the kids are "eating" it up, no punt intended ;) Here is the book we use to study different properties of the fruit and also the letter I send home so that I have fruit for the lesson.

In math we are working on patterns and I am using Cara Carroll's patterns activity from Ready, Set, Learn! {Back To School Math & Literacy Activities}We also teach with Investigations and the kids are loving it.

In phonics we are working on ending sounds, nouns, and also we are working in how to write our numbers 0-9. it's amazing how my kiddos decide to write their numbers.

In writing we are working on beginning, middle, and end. We read Stellaluna and are making a bat and writing the beginning, middle, and end. We got the idea from you guessed it, Cara Carroll. Check out her post on BME, HERE! We wrote the beginning, middle, and end and will be making the bat tomorrow.

What are you studying this week?