Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Classroom Organization Blog Hop

Hello friends! So glad you have stopped by in the organization blog hop hosted by Primary Powers!
For me, organization comes naturally. Clutter drives me crazy and my classroom is always put together neatly! I will say that I am the envy of most of the teachers in my hallway :)

So today I want to share with you how I keep my student's information and parent communication organized.

Pretty much everything in my classroom is organized in a binder.
 See, I wasn't joking!
This is actually my favorite binder because it acts as TWO binders! One cover on each side of the binder. Did I trick ya?
Here's what it looks like on the inside. I always like to have their t-shirt sizes at the front of the binder because we are always needing it. Either for field day shirts, grade level shirts, and more! And it can serve as a class list as well!
After that page, I have all of my students numbers in a colored tab. This way I can use the binder year after year and not have to replace the tabs with different names each year.

Then behind each tab you will first find my student information sheet that I have the parents fill out at Meet the Teacher night the Thursday before school starts. I love reading over these at the beginning of the year so that I can get to know my students a little more. My favorite part is at the bottom it asks the parents to write an endearing story about their child on the back. It's a blast reading through them!

After that I put notebook paper for me to document conversations that I have with parents that need to be documented. THIS, my friends, is GOLD! When you need the documentation, it's right there! Also, don't wait to write it down. Write it as soon as the conversation is over if it's in person and if it's on the phone, write as you talk!

You can also use this page for parent communication. 

This is also where I house all of my volunteer information. I send home my volunteer sheet at Meet the Teacher night as well. I also print off my volunteer schedule so I can reference it easily.
AND the best part about this binder is when we go on a field trip, I just grab it and we go! It has all of my students information (allegies, parents numbers, etc) that I might need on a field trip.

I hope that you can use these at the beginning of next year, or maybe even put your binder together now!

Want the information pages for free?!
Click on the picture below!

Want the "Student Information" and "Parent Communication" Binder covers for free?!
Click on the sample picture below!

Want MORE binder covers to keep you organized the whole year?
Get them here!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

When my students are done with their work, they turn it in by placing it in their folder. I never have to deal with no names!

How do you deal with students' papers with no names?
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