Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the hits just keep comin'!

Remember the post from yesterday and I said my lights were off? Well they were off when I got to school today too. REALLY?! And they weren't fixed until 10:15. Phew! It was a crazy morning and an even crazier afternoon as I had 7 extra firsties for a total of 30 first graders in one room. We had a fun afternoon. Now that I have lights again I was able to take a picture of the adorable snowflakes that my kiddos are making in their art centers this week. So far we have only had one "bad" cut to the finger. I hope that's where they end. They are so proud of their accomplishment when they open it up and see how beautiful it is!

I don't know why it won't let me rotate it. grrr!

How are you using snowflakes in your classroom? With the rules of remaining "religious" neutral, it can sometimes be hard to find fun winter activities, but the snowflake is so fun! My favorite that I found is from Christina Bainbridge's blog. It's absolutely adorable! I hope I have to do it. If not, snowflakes work in January too!

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