Wednesday, August 8, 2012

recess buckets

Here are the fun recess buckets I made for my new team! I included everything you need to survive a hot recess in Texas. And of course I made one for myself too :) Mine is purple!

 First I started with buckets from Hobby Lobby; only $3. Then I wrote their name on the bucket.
 Then I bought these holders from Walmart; only 99 cents. And wrote bandaids on the front and their name on the back.
 And with it being 100+ degrees for the first month or so of our school year we need squirt bottles. The kids love being squirted and it keeps them cooled off and it's so much fun to squirt them :)
 And last but not least, a pen for them to fill out nurses passes if need be!

And one of my jobs is "recess monitor". They get to grab the bucket because you know I won't remember every time! Do you have anything you take out to recess with you when you are on duty?


  1. What a great idea!! This covers everything you need for recess time. I'm pinning this so I can remember to make it. Very cute!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks Lisa!! They really are amazing and easy and fast to make!


  2. What a wonderful idea! I never would have thought of this and am always going back to my room for band-aids or the nurse's pass or the pen. Thank you for sharing!

    Heather (


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