Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Technology Tuesday Where I Work Wednesday

I am so sorry for skipping yesterday! I did not get home until around 9pm. We had our first PTA meeting at school and I am the teacher volunteer who watches the PTA's kids while they are in the reading. Needless to say, the meeting last a BIT long! over 3 hours long. So when I got home it was dinner and bedtime!

Anyways, here is my technology Tuesday. I could not survive without Annie and Moby over at brain pop jr. If you have not heard of Brain pop jr, you are in for a sweet ride!

Annie and Moby teach TONS of things! All you have to do is type it into the search bar and see if they have a video on it! And there is a fun quiz at the end that my students NEVER let me skip! Now, you're school does have to purchase it to use ALL of the videos, BUT there are a few free ones :) So go check out Annie and Moby (and if you teach the upper grades check out Tim and Moby at

Now for Where I Work Wednesday. Please come on in and see where I spend most of my life time!
Pictures will be added as soon as I can find them. If I can't find them I will take more pictures tomorrow!

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