Thursday, February 14, 2013

measuring area with candy hearts

How could you not like measuring with something you can EAT?! Well next week my kids are getting to do just that. We are in our measurement unit right now and we learned about area is this week. So my students will spend time at one of their math stations next week measuring area using candy hearts. Now I've had these candy hearts for many years so they won't be eating THOSE hearts. I will buy each kiddo a box of them for Friday. and you know they'll be like 70% off since Valentine's is over! :)

Click the picture or HERE for a copy of the recording sheet they will use. I have cut out different sized/shaped hearts out of blue, pink, purple, red and yellow construction paper. They will measure them with the candy hearts while making predictions. I love when I'm able to spiral concepts! Enjoy! and don't forget to go enter my TWO giveaways that are happening right now!

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