Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Excited as a Monkey!

This week in writing we are writing with similes and metaphors. Similes are so much easier and more fun to write so that's what we've started with. We read "Quick as a Cricket" by Audrey Wood on Monday. The kids loved the illustrations! This is a fav of mine from childhood so it was fun getting to read it as an adult.

Then today we reviewed similes and watched "Similes" on brain pop jr. If you don't know brainpopjr You need to go check it out! It's been one of the best purchases my district as made. I love when Annie and Moby teach us! Today we watched brainpopjr TWICE! Similes and butterflies (we are learning about butterflies in science). Ok! Back on topic! ADD much? Here are some of the writing pieces of my kiddos today.
 First off I wanted to also tell you how amazing this first story is! The reason is because when this little one came to me at the beginning of the year he could BARELY write! I did spell some of his words, but he did most of it on his own! His favorite resource is our ABC chart in our writing binder. This little ones LOVES his ABC chart because he can spell the words right! So proud of him. I meant to take a picture of his beginning of the year writing but forgot. Surprise! His simile was "silly as a clownfish"

 This story cracks me up! She had lots of similes. My favorite was "excited as a monkey". Can't you just picture that?! HA!

 The princess was as poised as a poodle. Love it!

A book is like an adventure. A playground is like a house.

Tomorrow we will start metaphors. Those are hard. Wish us luck!


  1. As poised as a poodle... love that one! Your kids' writing looks great! We haven't tackled similes and metaphors just yet. Nouns and verbs have been hard enough - LOL!

  2. Kathy sent me here n I'm glad she did! I'll be coming back for a better look at your stuff next week :) thanks!


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