Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently

It has been awhile since I've linked up with Farley's Currently. Actually, it's been awhile since I've blogged at all! And for that I apologize! But here's a little peak and what's been going on in my life recently!

Listening: just sitting in silence while eating my breakfast and it is GLORIOUS!

Loving: I'm so happy that it's starting to warm up, BUT I feel like Texas just skipped over Spring. The high on Wednesday was in the 60's and the high on Sunday is in the 90's?! what the heck!

Thinking: our little bundle of joy, Reagan Phair, will be here in 11 weeks! Wow! Am I ready for this?
Wanting: I'm trying my hardest to get some units done! My top priority is my Language Arts Assessment packet that's just like my math one. I'm hoping to have it done this weekend!
Needing: The last currently I did was in February, and I needed a hair cut then. Ironically, I still haven't gotten that hair cut, so I just left it! Need a hair cut bad!

Surprise: I want to tell you about this adorable Mother's Day gift idea from Lindsay over at For the Love of First Grade. We did these last year and the kids LOVED it! I'm sure you remember putting carnations in colored water and watching them turn that color over the next couple of days. So we did that experiment and then attached these adorable tags to the flower and the kids took the flower home to mom!

I hope everyone is doing well and you are gearing up for the last few weeks of school! Can't believe it's almost over!

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  1. Look at your cute little pregnant belly! Good luck with everything, My first baby girl was just born on November 20th and I'm lucky enough to get to stay home with her. Such an exciting time, enjoy all of the craziness that comes with it!

    Jessica Plemons

    1. I will be staying home with Reagan too! I am so thankful and blessed to be able to!

  2. You look soooo cute. I never looked cute pregnant. I just looked fat ;-). Congrats on your the new love of your life! Here's wishing you a quick and easy labor.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm also a first grade Texas Teacher. I teach for Birdville ISD! Glad I found your blog!



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