Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Little Word {Resolution Linky}

Well it's that time again, time to make resolutions for the new year. Some you will keep, some you won't. So why don't you just choose 1? Choose 1 that you can focus completely on and make it happen!

I am joining my superhero gal pals over at Primary Powers for a Resolution Linky. Here is my resolution for the year.
My word is really contentment, but I couldn't fit it because it was too long :) This past year has been a year of ups and downs. We were finally pregnant with our sweet Raegan and I was content with where I was. Then she was born and we found out she had a cleft palate and being content with where we were with her became a daily struggle for me. I struggled with the fact that she couldn't breastfeed. I struggled with the fact that she would be developing the same as her peers. I wasn't content with the fact that she was going to have to have to have surgery at such a young age. Then the lack of contentment started overflowing into other parts of my life as well. I wasn't content with the fact that I couldn't be creating fun and exciting resources for my wonderful followers to use in their classrooms. I wasn't content with a lot of things, but think I realized, I needed to be thankful and content with where God has me in my life right now. So every time things aren't going my way, I'm just going to say "content, content" over and over in my head.

Want to join? Head over to Primary Power and read all about everyone's resolutions and come link up with us as well!
Hope you have a great new YEAR!!
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  1. Content is hard to do, and so worth it! I am sometimes forgetting to be content with the 'haves' and focus on the 'have nots' of my life. Thanks for the reminder to be content.

  2. I love this word! While I think social media is awesome - it's very hard to be content for FOMO, right?! Cheers to keeping our resolutions this year!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First


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