Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

I love the opportunity for a linky party! I am linking up with Flying into First Grade.

I feel like we have a connection since both of our blogs have to do with flying :) So this linky party is to get to know some of the amazing bloggers that make up the teaching blog world! You are supposed to use your initials and share 3 things about yourself that you like or like to do.

So here we go. My first initial is A, for Ashley.
This one is EASY! I'm an Aggie! I went to Texas A&M University and I am so proud to be an Aggie. I love everything about my college.

My 2nd initial is P for Phair. (I know, strange middle name. It's Danish. My great grandfather made up the name and it's my grandmother and mom's first name and my middle name. Phair will definitely be passed onto my girls. Ok, onto the letter P.
Pino Noir! Am I allowed to say that on a teaching blog? Oh well! I'm going to say it! I love wine. There I said it. Here's my FAVORITE kind of wine. Cupcake, pino noir. Go try it. You won't regret it!

Ok, last initial. S for Sanderson.

SLEEP! I love to sleep. My husband seriously thinks there is something wrong with me, but I love to sleep! I at least need 8 hours a night or I'm useless. I think the longest I've slept (without being sick) would be 16 hours. Better get use to not having alot of sleep, Mr. Husband and I are wanting a baby! hopefully that will a blog post soon!

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  1. Yeah! I'm follower #100!!! I just got your message that you are following my blog! I was a first grade teacher fr 6 years and I miss the little guys. I'll have to try that cupcake pino noir - it sounds right up my alley!


  2. I found you via the Get to know you linky party. I'm with you on sleep! That would have been in mine if I had an S initial!

  3. I have been trying to find a wine I like for a while now, I'll have to try Cupcake! With a name like that it must be good!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    The Littlest Scholars

  4. Ah, Cupcake! So cute, so chic and so yummy! Love your loves that you listed!

    I'll go along with Jessica and say I'm a new follower as well :)


  5. Whoop! I teach right down the road from College Station. My brother goes to A&M. I love me some wine too...I'm a Moscato fan. So glad I found your blog. I'm your newest follwer : )

    For the Love of First Grade


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