Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Howdy Partner

Well I have just finished my "Howdy Partner" TX symbols unit! Social Studies is one of the things that ALWAYS seems to get pushed to the back burner! You always have to integrate it into another subject it seems like. Well this unit does exactly that! It is an integrated Reading and Math unit with alittle writing too and it covers TEKS from Kinder through 2nd. Take a peek at what's included!

 Texas symbol posters are included.

 A book is provided to fill in as you learn about the symbols. This is good for K and 1st.
 Read the story "L is for Lonestar". Have I ever mentioned I love the alphabet books? I'm pretty sure I own most of them! After reading the story, brainstorm with students a word for each letter of the alphabet that goes with Texas. Then have them illustrate and turn into a class book to put into the library.
 This research book is provided in full page and half page depending on your grade level and the ability of your students. For younger grades, you can do this book together after reading a book about that certain Texas symbol. If you teach the older grades, you can send the students off to research each symbol and have them record their findings in the book.

 Students will come up with their own state. They will name it and come up with symbols for their state.

 The 123s of Texas has a fun story where the students find the numbers words to match what they are supposed to color.

For all of my Texas teachers, I hope this is something you could use in your classroom! For today only, this unit is 20% off! Now's the time to snag it!

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  1. CUTE! Love the ABC's book idea. Our school is "Lonestar" each teacher who becomes a part of our staff gets that book as a welcome gift!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. That is so cool that they get that book when they join your school! Can I come teach with you?! :)


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