Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week {Now Teach- organization}

For some reason organization seems to be hard for some teachers. For me, I love it, but I also feel like I could do better. Whenever my teammates come into my room and I complain about not being organized they normally laugh, because I am VERY organized, but I always strive to be more organized that I was the year before. So I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you how I organize things in my classroom.
First off I want to show you how I organize all of my curriculum information. This includes lesson plans, scope and sequence, year at a glance, testing schedule, etc. I use binders. I started this last year and I love how much it has helped me stay organized.

I have a binder for practically everything. Here's a peek into some of them.

I use Reading A-Z for running records. If your district doesn't have it, you should really talk to whoever is in charge because they are the best! Great for doing quick running records or sending home for guided reading.

My math binder houses all of my lessons for the year along with testing schedules and scope and sequences.

This binder is used for when I meet with small groups during math workshop. In my district we also do something called "First Steps". It's a program to help bridge the gaps for our low babies!

I always make sure to have my groups written out so that if I forget, I can easily go look!

My guided reading binder is alot like my guided math binder.

I include my guided reading groups, our district reading correlation chart, our schedule for what level our kids should be on every month, what I should be working on them with for their certain level, my guided reading lessons for certain books, and of course Rachelle's reader's response sheets. I keep TONS of them in pocket protectors so if I need something to send home on a whim, voila! I can just pull it out and send it home.

My next binder is my writing conference binder. I somehow didn't take a picture of the cover, but here's what's inside.

I have my writing conference schedule and my documentation page that I have for every student. Great way to get some quick documentation for writing time.

This binder is another favorite! It's only 1 binder! Did I trick ya? :) But it acts as 2 different things. This is where I house my students information sheets along with any communication I have with parents.

This list is imperative :) You can tell how many times I've used it through out the year. This is the first page in the binder.

I have dividers for every student. I number them so I can use this binder year after year.

Behind each tab is their information sheet, that you can download from my TpT store for FREE here. After that I put notebook paper for me to document conversations that I have with parents that need to be documented. THIS my friends, is GOLD! When you need the documentation, it's right there! Also, don't wait to write it down. Write as soon as the conversation is over if it's in person and if it's on the phone, write as you talk!

This is also where I house all of my volunteer information. I send home my volunteer sheet at Meet the Teacher night and then keep them here. I also print off my volunteer schedule so I can reference it easily.

AND the best part about this binder is when we go on a field trip, I just grab it and we go! It has all of my students information (allegies, parents numbers, etc) that I might need on a field trip.

Ok, next I want to show you how I organize all of my papers for the week. I promise, it's quick! :)

I have a crate with hanging folders for every day.

Then I have these folders in each hanging folder. I put them in order of my schedule for the day.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Just pop those babies in there when you make copies! And then it's waiting there for you for the next day!

To organize how my kids turn in their work I bought hanging file folders and gave them each a folder. They would turn their work in there and if they didn't put their name on it, I knew who's it was because it was in their folder :) Genius I tell ya!

If you are needing help keep your parents in on what's going on in your classroom, and this is for you!

 This product is an editable 12 month editable newsletter! My parents LOVE getting this newsletter because it keeps them in the loop!

PHEW! I hope you held on through that blog post! I know it was long, but I just had to share how I organize in my room! It's such a great thing to get under control so that you can focus on teaching those babies!
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  1. You have so many cute things that you do in your classroom! I love your newsletter...what an amazing thing for parents to get each week. I enjoyed reading about your binder systems and your hanging file system.

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  2. I am in love with everything binders and use them very similarly to how you do!! It was great seeing how you set up your room and keep everything organized... especially seeing how you collect papers!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    XO, Kelly Anne

  3. I love your room! Where did you get those black hanging file holders? I need some! :)

    Today In First Grade


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