Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week {Classroom Digs}

Now, I know that some of you have already had the tour of my classroom a few weeks ago, but I just had to link up again with Blog Hoppin' for teacher week because it's so much fun! So enjoy another tour of my digs :)

Now if you didn't know, I won't have my own classroom next year! It's starting to hit home that I won't have something to make mine and get ready for my 20+ kiddos, but I'm very excited about my role as the title 1 teacher for 2nd grade next year. I will be working at a nearby school, close to my school that I've been at for 5 years.

So I am taking you on a tour of my 1st grade classroom from last year. I hope you enjoy and can find something that I've done in my room and make it work for your room!

Without further ado, welcome to my classroom! Enjoy looking around and seeing how my classroom works!

This is the view into my classroom from the door.

Once you walk in and look to the left you will find our math manipulatives and also our pocket chart for reading and math centers.

Here is an up close look at our reading centers rotation chart.

Here is an up close look at our math centers rotation.

These folders are found behind the door. This is where my students turn in their work.

Here is my calendar area that is on the wall where the door is.

 If you keep moving to the left you will find my desk area and my small group area! I got rid of my huge teacher desk and I'm so glad I did. All it ever did was make a place for me to clutter up! My bookshelf holds all of my binders with all of my instructional documentation (guided reading, running records, writing conferences, math small groups, first steps). You'll hear more about those tomorrow for  the Now Teach! linky.

If we keep moving to the left you will find my anchor chart wall. This wall is empty at the beginning of the year, but is quickly filled up as we dive into the school year.

In the picture of above, you can see our classroom library in the left corner. Here is an up close look at our library. My books are sorted by genre. They each have a sticker on them. The sticker on the bucket is the same. So if the book has an orange sticker with a 1 on it, the students find the bucket with an orange sticker with a 1 on it. Best way to organize!

 As we keep moving to the left you will see the overflow of anchor charts on the window and also my students listening center area. I have 2 listening areas with multiple headphones so students don't have to listen to the same book as their centers partner.

 Here is a close up of the listening area. It is organized just like the library. The books and buckets have colored stickers to help students put them back in the right bucket.

 As we move to the left you will find my students writing center. They love pulling the bench up to the table and they will write and write!

 This is where my students keep their extra supplies. They each have their own baggie with their name on it. If they run out of glue or crayons, they can go grab their extras. This is where the white boards are housed as well and textbooks too! And whenever we do a craft that has lots of trash, my students will move their trashcan to their tables to make it easy to throw away instead of going on the floor. Then they dump it into our recycling bins!

 Our computer area includes 3 mac books. Our district is very blessed with great technology!

These are our math tubs that we use during math centers. These math tubs include lots of different games that they students have learned how to play either in whole group lesson or small group with me.

And that's it! You have seen all the way around the classroom! I hope you enjoyed the tour and let me know if you have any questions about how I put my classroom together!

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  1. So cute Ashley!! Isn't it bittersweet not having a class? At least you're still working with your little ones! Have a great year!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

    1. yes it is so bittersweet! I'm excited about this new opportunity but sad I won't have a class to call my own! Have so much fun stay home with your sweet Maddox! I know you will love it.

  2. I am doing the exact same thing that you are! I have taught first grade for the past seven years and this year I will be a Title One Teacher for Kindergarten and First Grade (but in my same school). I am excited, but nervous!! It will be a journey. I think that the first day will be the weirdest... no kiddos to call my own!

    1. Aww how fun! Lately I've been hearing about alot of us becoming Title 1 teachers. I'm excited, but like you said, I'll miss having a class to call my own! Good luck in your new position!

  3. I am excited to hear all about this transition for you! We do not have Title One Teachers in my district, we called them Instructional Coaches when we did have them. But with budget cuts those positions were one of the first to go. In neighboring districts though they are beginning to bring the positions back! I hope that means we will have them back soon, too!


    1. Thanks! I'm very excited about the transition! It's a part time position which is perfect for my family's needs this year! They are very helpful positions. I hope your district gets them back soon!

  4. I can't wait to hear about this fun journey of being a title 1 teacher! However, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like not to have my own room! I think I would feel lost!! On the other hand I wouldn't hate not having to spend all the time & energy setting it up!!! :)

    1. Yes! I think the idea of not having a room to call my own is what's getting me! I love decorating! My room that I left is actually the exact same. The teacher who took my spot bought all of my stuff on the walls so she didn't have to redo it! Smart of her! Makes me still feel like it's my room though! Technically it is since it's all my stuff :)

  5. I can't wait to hear about your journey as a Title 1 teacher. THat was my first job offer and I'm glad I didn't take it because I don't think you can do that job well unless youhave been a classroom teacher first. Every now and then I find myself itching to try it now that I have some experience. I would be the same way about my room, though!

    What Happens in First Grade


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