Sunday, November 24, 2013

Five for Friday

Well, I may be 2 days late, but I can't pass up "Five for Friday". I love sharing what I've been up to throughout the week, both at school and at home! Here we go!

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, we've been talking about how things were different then than they are now. The students are always so fascinated at how things have changed over time! Here is an example of the t-chart activity from my "Then and Now" unit. After reading about the different ways things were different, each group of students was given a t-chart with a certain topic. They had to draw and write a sentence of how things have change over time. Here is one on transportation.

If you are still in school next week for a few days before Thanksgiving, this is a fun unit to do! Grab it in my TpT store HERE!

These next couple of ones count as 2 and 3 because I have so many to share! Since Christmas is right around the corner, I have been loading lots of fun things for Winter time! Some are even freebies! Just click on the picture to be taken it on TpT! They will make any classroom fun during the holiday season!

Target is coming out with their Christmas candy and this is BAD news for my waistline!! But oh so good in my belly!

I have off all next week and I can't wait to spend the week with family and these two fur balls!!

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your full or half week off! Lord knows we all need it! :)
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  1. Hi Cutie!!!! Christmas candy...sigh....and cookies and and and...oy!

    Jealous about your full week off, friend!!!

    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties


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